Vancouver Asian Film Festival Short Films Contest

I have fantastic news! I am helping to promote the Vancouver Asian Film Festival on a volunteer basis and I have three pairs of tickets to give away! The film festival runs from November 4th – 7th and features independent North American Asian filmmakers. The tickets I’m giving away are to three different programs that all feature a selection of short films. Below are brief descriptions of the films and a link to YouTube trailers to a few of the movies. Keep in mind that not all short films have trailers as some of them are under 10 minutes in length!

Short films are a great way to watch a wide range of films quickly, but be sure to see the feature length films at the VAFF too!

*Please note that unless otherwise stated, the film summaries are from the Vancouver Asian Film Festival program guide which you can download as a PDF.

A) Places and Spaces: Shorts

Date: Friday, November 5th, 2010

Time: 9:30PM-11:00PM

Location: Cinemark Tinseltown Theatres (88 West Pender St)

1. Ajumma! Are you Crazy???

Directed by Brent Anbe, 2009, USA, 26 min.

The K-drama phenomenon that has legions of fans around the world is celebrated in the new comedy film “Ajumma! Are you Krazy???” Shot on Oahu, this film is a zany comedy that follows the misadventures of three ajummas, or older ladies, who are Korean drama fanatics AND will stop at nothing to meet their latest heartthrob, hunky Korean superstar Michael Park.

2. I Don’t Sleep I Dream

Directed by J.P. Chan, 2009, USA, 15 min.

A woman leaves the scene of a horrific car accident she’s caused, only to realize she’s left a part of herself behind.

I DON’T SLEEP I DREAM is the third and final chapter in J.P. Chan’s THREE USES OF THE KNIFE trilogy of short films. The series began with TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT? (2005) and continued with DRY CLEAN ONLY (2006). The interlocking stories explore moral dilemmas involving sharp bladed objects.

via I Don’t Sleep I Dream Facebook Page

3. Empire Corner

Directed by J.P. Chan, 2010, USA, 12 min.

A woman travels across two worlds to find a man she never got a chance to know.

4. Works of Art

Directed by Andrew Pang, 2009, USA, 18 min.

Meet Art Hahn (Paul Juhn), whose days are a blur of demoralizing auditions and bleak temp jobs—just another actor numbed by the New York struggle. One day, an unusual proposition from his friend, John Kim (Ken Leung), leads him to a remarkable role that jolts his system like never before.

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5. Takeo

Directed by Omar Samad, 2009, USA, 19 min.

Maggie Wright has everything she could possibly want, a beautiful daughter, a loving husband, and a ranch surrounded by the rolling landscapes of the Midwest. But when a stranger, Takeo, comes knocking on her door in need of help, she unwittingly lets terror into her home when she discovers he’s searching for her husband. Now a prisoner in her own house, Maggie engages in a desperate struggle for survival as she tries to protect her family while trying to discover the truth that lies between the stranger and her husband before its too late.

B) Mighty Asian Shorts

Date: Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Time: 4:30PM-6:30PM

Location: Praxis (149 West Hastings St)

1. Still Life

Directed by Zooey Park, 2010, USA, 4 min.

Eddie is supposed to be studying for a math test. Instead, he works on his drawings, which magically come to life. His father finds out and punishes him severely; by the end, the magic still continues and gives Eddie hope.

2. Puncture Wound

Directed by Jason Ho, 2009, USA, 11 min.

Frankie wants to make his own decisions, but his older brother is in charge. He learns that sometimes exercising rebellion is finding clarity.

3. Visiting Hours

Directed by Caitlin Byrnes, 2010, Canada, 12 min.

Jinnam, a shy Korean exchange student studying in Canada, volunteers at a retirement home in a desperate attempt to make a Canadian friend and improve his English. He meets Edna, a feisty but depressed old widow, and after a series of cultural misunderstandings strikes up an unlikely friendship with her. VISITING HOURS is a dramatic comedy about cultural differences, alienation, and the unexpected nature of friendship.

4. Chase Thompson, A Film by Chase Thompson

Directed by Vincent Lin, 2010, USA, 12 min.

When up and coming filmmaker Chase Thompson is hired to direct a lackluster romance film, the foolhardy director takes it as an opportunity to fire the crew and turn the film into his own zombie slaying masterpiece, starring himself. When studio executives notice their film isn’t the one being made, Chase must decide which film is the one he truly wants to direct.

5. The Reward

Directed by Tin Pak Lau, 2010, Canada, 12 min (*director in attendance).

What does a hit man do, if nobody needs to be killed?

6. Wine and Cheese

Directed by Matthew Tsang, 2010, Canada, 8 min (*director in attendance).

A woman travels across two worlds to find a man she never got a chance to know.

7. Ko-Ni-Chi-Wa

Directed by Leanne Yu, 2010, Canada, 9 min (*director in attendance).

An Asian Canadian woman who routinely witnesses male “Asiaphiles” preying upon appeasing young female foreign exchange students disguises herself as an ESL student. When she meets a man all too willing to possess her, she explores the ambiguity of consent and pushes the parameters of control.

C) Made in Vancouver: World Class Talent

Date: Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Time: 1:45PM-3:30PM

Location: Cinemark Tinseltown Theatres (88 West Pender St)

*Note that all the directors will be in attendance*

1. Orizuru (Paper Crane)

Directed by Andy Cheung, 2009, Canada, 4 min.

Follow Sadako Sasaki, a Japanese girl who developed leukemia as a result of radiation from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during World War II, as a crane from her first steps to her final breath in this journey through Japanese history and art.

2. Waiting 4 Goliath

Directed by Cal Garingan, 2009, Canada, 13 min.

While waiting for his date at a café, Florian [Rick Tae, “2012”] bumps into his nosy ex-lover Hassan [Patrick Sabongui, “300”]. What starts out as a lively discussion about online dating quickly turns into a heated debate. Alas, only Goliath could save the day…if only he’d show up.

3. Fish In Barrel

Directed by Randall Okita, 2010, Canada, 7 min.

A young man faces his demons as his struggle erupts into visions that question what lies below the surface.

4. Winter Memories

Directed by Stephen Arriola, 2010, Canada, 5 min.

Inside a quiet bedroom, a little girl and her dog watch the skies for new snow. The film dissolves to scenes of the two playing with a snowman. They share cocoa, take photos, and delight in their friendship as the girl’s imagination brings joy to a chilly day.

5. Nature On Its Course

Directed by Su-An Ng, 2009, Canada, 3 min.

NATURE ON ITS COURSE is a short mixed media animation about a careless hunter who takes more than he needs.

6. The Tea Master

Directed by Aaron Au, 2009, Canada, 10 min.

Starring four time Leo Nominated Actor Colin Foo, THE TEA MASTER is a simple story about overcoming adversity by understanding one self’s strengths.

7. I’m In The Mood For Love

Directed by Jason Karman, 2010, Canada, 7 min.

A singing telegram worker meets his ex-boyfriend while having hot pot and learns to embrace his new found bachelorhood through popular song.

8. Little Big Kid

Directed by Kathleen S. Jayne, 2010, Canada, 10 min.

Eighty-year old Matthew Little experiences a brief, magical return to childhood when he meets eight-year old Johnny at a lemonade stand.

9. Serum 1831

Directed by Anand Kanna, 2009, Canada, 15min.

When Robert Lee becomes the unsuspecting test subject of his own research project, he decides to exact a measure of revenge against his killers that is worse than death.

How to Enter & Win Tickets!

There will be three winners and each will receive one pair of tickets. To enter this context, please email me at:

woodwardsmile [AT]

or make a comment.
Please pick one of the programs you would like to see:

A: Places & Spaces

B: Mighty Asian Shorts

C: Made in Vancouver

I will be drawing three winners on Wednesday, November 3rd at 12:00PM. Please note that you must pick the tickets up from me at Woodward’s.



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