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Retro Cooking: Woodward’s Recipes

My friend M. and I try to spend one afternoon a week in the library. We are nerds in the traditional sense. She does research in the archives and I browse for random books. One day I found a cookbook titled, Woodward’s No Time to Plan ME’N’U Book, by Ralph E. Russell and Wayne Baxter, […]

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Weekend Rewind: Fests, Shoes & Tunes

I’m having an awesome weekend! I hit 3 festivals, bought shoes and found my summer song for 2010. I went to the MEC Bike Fest, Larry Wong’s Chinatown tour through The Vancouver Story Telling Festival, Erin Templeton’s (bought shoes), Sawan Mela at Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park, and walked by the Malkin Bowl while Metric […]

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3 Super Picks at T&T

I stop by the Chinatown T&T Supermarket two or three times a week. I have given this thought: if I moved to a remote area, what foods would I miss? Here are my top three T&T favourites: 1.  Bright coconut juice It’s made of 80% coconut juice and has tiny pulp pieces. The other coconut […]

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