Slow Motion Fights in the Woodward’s Courtyard

On my way home, I saw a large group of people in the courtyard.  They were in groups of three or four and fought in slow motion for a couple of minutes at a time. To say fight is perhaps inaccurate as in most groups that I saw,  one person got beaten up by two others.  There was an older woman who shouted out instructions, and so I think this group may be SFU Contemporary Arts students.

There must be a reason why they chose to practice in the courtyard instead of the classroom.  Maybe it is a unit on performing in public spaces. Maybe it is to tap into how it might feel to get beaten up in public, and then channel that into physical movement. I don’t know. They might not even be contemporary arts students. I couldn’t stay long but I shot a short video to share with you. See it below!


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  1. Chris November 4, 2010 at 12:20 pm #

    Interesting work and an apropos venue considering the overhead mural and the area of town but I hope they took the precautionary measure of letting folks entering and working in the complex what was going on first or during. I personally might find something of the sort disturbing if I walked in on it being a victim of assault myself. But kudos to them even if not an original idea, an interesting exercise all the same.

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