Red Tents at Portside Park

This morning  I saw red spots among the trees in Portside Park. They were  Red Tents, portable temporary shelters.  They disappeared by the afternoon.

The W shows my location; the triangles show today’s sighting of the Red Tents; and the blue star shows where the housing rally and and Olympic Tent Village was located (this was during the Olympics).

Red Tents is a national campaign initiated by Pivot Legal Society to end homelessness:

Our goal is to persuade the federal government to enact a funded National Housing Strategy that will end homelessness and ensure secure, adequate, accessible and affordable housing for all persons living in Canada.

Our strategy is to use red tents and like items as symbols on the streets and in the media to draw attention to Canada’s homelessness crisis, educate the public about the need for a funded national housing strategy and mobilize people across the country to pressure government to take action on homelessness.

You can support them by donating $100 to sponsor a tent, $50 for a tarp or $20 for a red poncho.  Tax deductible.

I dug up some  pictures of Red Tents I took  at the housing rally that was held during the Olympics.

Here are photos to you a sense of scale and what the the Red Tents look like up close.

Collapsible and portable.

A great sign is in the details. Kudos for Quatchi holding a hatchet with his furry blood drenched arm.

At the end of the year I will review and post on top ten local charities worthy of support.  Red Tents will be on there for sure.


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