Papered Up Store Fronts on Hastings Street

Across the street from the Woodwards building, on the 100 block of West Hastings Street, are two store fronts with papered up windows. At 130 West Hastings Street is Versus Training Centre. When I walked passed it today, I thought it was a gym but it’s not. Their website explicitly states that they are not a gym:

“Our Philosophy

This is not a gym…

This is a school of self-improvement! The story behind VERSUS stems from the notion of “you vs yourself.” You are in control of your life and what you want to achieve. The VERSUS name plays on how your mind influences your body and is inspired by the idea that your mind is the ultimate motivation for you to attain your health and fitness goals. At VERSUS, we motivate you to achieve that higher level of achievement you’ve been longing for by helping you defeat your internal barriers. We are in the business of higher goal, higher achievement, and SELF IMPROVEMENT.”

via Versus Training

From what I gather, it is a centre to improve your physical battle abilities through martial arts related exercise, combined with motivational coaching and some mind work.

I’m interested in the martial arts classes but I don’t subscribe to the “you vs yourself” philosophy; it conflicts with my yoga practice. I’m not against the division of self, it is the goal of defeating the other self that I find troubling. How can you win when a part of you loses? But I digress.

I do want to checkout their facilities. I want to see the 6,000 square foot space, the specialized gym equipment and the 40 yard red sprinting track.

A few steps away is Be Fresh Salon & Spa at 118 West Hastings Street. They were slated to open in August 2010 but as of today, are still closed. There are no updates on their website

I admit, I don’t like their posters. Bare upper torsos work in some advertisements (think Beckham in Armani) but the Be Fresh ads fall flat. It could be the lighting, I don’t know. The guy on the left door looks especially asinine. These same images in black and white would have been better.

Aside from these first impressions of the websites and ads of these businesses, the question is would I use their services?

It all depends on if I can find someone I trust to have a level of expertise in their craft, and in the case of the fitness centre, whether this person has the skill to teach it to me.

The proximity to my home is a HUGE bonus and it means that I am willing to try something from both places…when they open.


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