A Bookworm & A Pig Talk Gastown Rent

I was inspired by a news article to make a short video on high rents and gentrification in gastown. It is a dialogue between a bookstore owner and a landlord. The article Gastown up for Grabs (July 14, 2010) from Westender.com was about an independent bookstore that had to move out of gastown due to […]

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An Evening Stroll Through Victory Square

On my way home from the the downtown Vancouver public library, I usually walk along Hamilton Street and then take the shortcut through Victory Square at 200 West Hastings Street. People are divided in their opinion about Victory Square. Some see it as a dangerous place, filled with “shifty” drug addicts and unsafe and for […]

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Retro Cooking: Woodward’s Recipes

My friend M. and I try to spend one afternoon a week in the library. We are nerds in the traditional sense. She does research in the archives and I browse for random books. One day I found a cookbook titled, Woodward’s No Time to Plan ME’N’U Book, by Ralph E. Russell and Wayne Baxter, […]

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Another Perspective: Canada Day at CRAB Park

Happy Canada Day! There are many events happening all over the city today but I want to make a quick post on the afternoon festivities at CRAB Park (also known as Portside Park) because there is little on it. On July 1st there will be an all ages festival from 1-4pm. CRAB Park is located […]

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Oppenheimer Blues & Hip Hop

I went to Oppenheimer Park for National Aboriginal Day. I briefly considered going to Commercial Drive for the parade or to Trout Lake for other celebrations but in the end, I decided to stick close to home and I’m glad I did. There was something genuine about today’s event. It was informal, people knew one […]

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National Aboriginal Day Celebrations 2010

There are two huge events this weekend, Car-Free Vancouver Day, held in five neighbourhoods on June 20th, and the Dragon Boat Festival at False Creek from June 18-20th.  I’ll stop by the Dragon Boat Festival and will probably tweet about it but this weekend, I’ve decided to cover more extensively the four day celebrations leading […]

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Weekend Rewind: Fests, Shoes & Tunes

I’m having an awesome weekend! I hit 3 festivals, bought shoes and found my summer song for 2010. I went to the MEC Bike Fest, Larry Wong’s Chinatown tour through The Vancouver Story Telling Festival, Erin Templeton’s (bought shoes), Sawan Mela at Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park, and walked by the Malkin Bowl while Metric […]

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