New Canada Post Office Opening in London Drugs


It was near closing time, around 9:30PM, when I stopped by London Drugs on my way home tonight. Entire shelves in one aisle were cleared of products. Did a maniac come in and maul everything to the floor? Was there a major recall of hair dryers and accessories? I was curious.

I asked LD staff member, Drew, “What’s going on?! What happened to all your stuff?”

He told me a new post office is opening inside London Drugs! This news made my night. Yet another perk of living at Woodward’s.

If you live in the neighbourhood, you know there are three post offices in this area, but all are equidistant from Woodward’s. And each post office has its own vibe, pace, and rate of efficiency.

The Chinatown branch on Main Street (at Hastings), tucked behind other stores, has a small cramped counter and little room to stand and wait. It is staffed by Chinese ladies and the customers are varied and colorful. This outlet is frequented by the elderly Chinese, and residents of Strathcona and DTES.

The post office at Pender and Granville, in the heart of downtown Vancouver, is always busy but even more so during the lunch hour. The customers are primarily a mix of office workers, students and tourists. It’s inside the Pharmasave at the back so you do need to duck and dive through aisles to get there.

The main post office on Georgia Street is my favourite. The staff are relaxed and competent, and during long wait times, they open more counters. It is the best place to go if you have to send many packages with complicated instructions.

Spacious with high ceilings, the main office is a lovely building. Historical details, such as the marble counters and old mail slots, make going to the post office more of an affair than an errand. Sadly, the main post office will be closing soon.

But enough of reminiscing! A new post office is coming to town and it will be right downstairs. Tell everyone.


Map of post offices in the area. Red icon marks the new one.


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