How to Blog More With Less Time

The weather this weekend was a dream — sunny yet cool. I was mostly indoors working but I don’t mind. When I look outside at this view, I feel like I’m on vacation. One cloud in the sky. Love it.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my blog. I want give you a quick, vague update and what to expect from in the next little while.

I started teaching this fall. I am finding that prepping lectures take up more time than I expected. A project I’ve been working on since the summer will need more concentrated attention very soon. New projects are coming down the pipe. What this all means is that time spent on my hobbies — blogging, Twitter, video games, reading, pickling etc. — will have to be reduced until I get the hang of balancing work.

Having said all that (and despite all that), I will still blog and I want to do it more regularly! One reason I do not blog more often is because I am bogged down by the number of photos I take at events. The photos need to be sorted, resized, renamed, uploaded and inserted into a post before I even write a word!

It is much easier to take photos with my iPhone and then use the WordPress app to upload photos, and write posts from my phone. I plan on using this method to save time and to get into the habit of posting more regularly (I am writing on my phone now). I foresee shorter posts with fewer images. My writing may become more casual, and as a result, more personal. I imagine that it might turn into the tone I use when I email my friends. It can be a good thing.

Let’s see if a change in the process of blogging will increase the frequency of posts. I hope so!

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