Hastings Street Ministries: Helping People Every Saturday

This morning, on my way home from buying groceries at Sunrise Market, I saw a mixed crowd in front of the British Columbia Provincial Court at 222 Main Street. I was hurrying home to prepare brunch but a group of Chinese old ladies caught my eye and I got curious:  What are they doing there? Are they Falun Gong protesters or Chinese Head Tax lobbyists? Are they trying to save an old folks service or clansman building? Are they part of the bigger group? Why are these people here? Why are they hanging out with Chinese old ladies? I turned left off Powell Street and walked over.

Peter Wall from Hastings Street Ministries

I was immediately greeted by two friendly gentlemen holding booklets and brochures. Ken Segate and Peter Wall are President and Vice President of Hastings Street Ministries, a Christian organization that partners with Food on a Corner to hand out food in front of the Provincial Court of BC on Main Street every Saturday at 11:00am – 12:30pm.  Hastings Street Ministries have been handing out bibles and tracts for a year and a half and Food on a Corner have been providing hot lunches every weekend for over 20 years.

A group of singers spreading the word of Jesus.

I was there just as food was being laid out.

This is the back of the lineup.  As you can see there is a fairly large turnout which means that there are people who count on support and food from Hastings Street Ministries. I wanted to know more about the people in this organization and hear their stories about volunteer work in the Downtown East Side, but I had to run. I promised myself I would make a quick blog post today so that I’ll remember to go back another morning. I’ll chat with Ken and Peter and if they’re willing, maybe some of the Chinese old ladies.


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  1. Peter July 11, 2010 at 1:32 am #

    I see these people every morning on the way to get my coffee at Waves.. I think it’s absolutely great what they are doing for the community. Nice blog entry.

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