FUSE Dark City: A Night of Glass at the Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery invited me to live tweet FUSE again and I said YES!

FUSE is an adult event featuring art, music and performances at the Vancouver Art Gallery on select Friday nights. Do you remember how much fun Marie and I had  the last time we went? This time the theme was Dark City:

“Celebrate Vancouver with this night of art, music and performance investigating the “darker side” of our city of glass, WE: Vancouver meets Unreal with works by some of Vancouver’s most innovative artists, including November Theatre, the 605 Collective and others.”

via Vancouver Art Gallery

Just as in the previous FUSE post, I’ve decided to recreate the live tweeting experience for you.

YEOW!!! I’m inside having a look see at the FUSE Dark City lineup.

Again, I must thank Marie for coming with me and navigating us around from show to show. I’m often tweeting and walking at the same time so I get disoriented. The escalators, they will do me in someday. The VAG floors can befuddle!

Scoping it all out before everyone gets here. 4th floor balcony stage for Beat Nation.

Barefooted cellist, I see you adjusting the audio controls with your foot. Very cool. Very talented.

Digital graffiti on the 4th floor. I want a turn.

November Theatre playing Vancouver punk inside the freight elevator.

People lining the staircase in the rotunda, waiting for The Response dance group to start.

Behind Terminal City’s door No. 2 is A Short History of Sex & Death. Marie plucks a note.

Termnial City created a sense of anticipation by creating four “doors”, which were basically rooms divided by curtains. People lined up and five or six were allowed in at a time. It was dark and intimate. Behind door No. 2 was performance artist, Amber Dawn.  Attached to her costume were numerous notes which were about sex or death. Marie picked death and read it aloud to us:

February 24, 2007,

Harriet Nahanee,

also known as Tseybayotl,

a 71-year-old Aboriginal

grandmother, residential school


and environmental activist dies

of pneumonia after a weeklong

incarceration in the Surrey Women’s

Pre-Trial Centre.   Nahanee was


to 14 days in prison for protesting

the destruction of Eagleridge Bluffs

to make way for expansion of the Sea-to-Sky Highway

for the 2010 Olympics.

Watching 605 Collective dance from behind a two-way mirror.

The second 605 Collective performance will be in front of this painting. Love the juxapostion.

Bravo! 605 Collective performance in front of Lukacs’ painting. Suit & tie prison dance.

My fav tonight was 605 Collective performing in front of Lukacs’ painting

Memory & friendship: Marie & I reflected in Ken Lum’s Photo-Mirrors

From the wall caption:

Photo-Mirrors, 1997

(maple wood, mirror, photographs. Collection of MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Gift of the Artist)

…The scale of the mirrors and photographs tucked into their frames — ordinary snapshots of other people’s family gatherings and holiday mementos — would be unassuming enough in the private home. Repositioned in the space of the gallery, however, they suddenly come under scrutiny. The viewer becomes an involuntary part of the picture as his or her reflection is both literally and figuratively framed by the images of others. In this way, Lum sets up a situation in which our interaction is inevitable, but he does not control the outcome. We are seduced into observing our own gaze, and in doing so reconsider the perception we have of ourselves.

Marie and I had delirious fun at FUSE  and we both enjoyed Ken Lum’s work. It was a pleasure to see Lum’s installation pieces during FUSE, a time when the VAG is full of people. Themes of domestic and public space, of privacy and voyeurism are heightened by circulation among large crowds.

I highly recommend Ken Lum’s show. Some may say his Mirror Maze with 12 Signs is the most amazing but I say this, walk through it all, find the room with the four sofa-beds and look upon the walls, go into the room with the two-way mirror and just watch. You be the judge.


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