Firebelly Aerial Performers at SFU Contemporary Arts Opening

It makes me happy to know that there are artistic daredevils out there in the world. It tickles me to no end that these marvelous creatures dangle from the architecture of Woodward’s. What is life without a little bit of danger? These three artists are from Firebelly and their aerial performances are part of the SFU Contemporary Art’s grand opening program. (See the event schedule below)

Oh, just hanging around. Ho hum.

This artist had the toughest spot of all. She was positioned right at the building’s entrance so she had to perform in close proximity to a constant stream of pedestrian traffic.

Truly, the skill and expression of three artists were mesmerizing. If you feel inspired by the above photos and burn to dangle as they do, then you should consider taking aerial dance lessons with Firebelly ( Here is more about their group from their Facebook page:

Firebelly is a Vancouver based performance troupe, combining dance and physical theatre with fire performance, aerial acrobatics, and stilt dancing.

Established in 2000 by Artistic Director, Kira Schaffer, Firebelly often deals with an aspect of danger in its performances as well the use of props, elaborate costumes and movement on unconventional surfaces. Firebelly is inspired by the process of transforming fear into pleasure and finding expressive possibility within physically limited situations.

via Firebelly’s Facebook

SFU Contemporary Arts Open House Highlights


Firebelly Aerial Performance
Cordova Courtyard, 2pm – 2:45pm

Work with: Visual Art Faculty Exhibition
Public Gallery Opening, 5pm – 8pm
Audain Gallery

Flash Mob Concert
Cordova Courtyard, 5pm

Mearingstone Quartet
2nd Fl. Patio, 5:30pm

Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre
7:30pm – 8:30pm, Doors open at 7pm
Reception to follow in the theatre lobby

The Mainstage Presentation will feature music by David MacIntyre and Michael O’Neill, Theatre Replacement, Judith Garay’s Dancers Dancing and Tara Cheyenne Performance. Seating limited. First-come, first-served.


Public Dreams Society
Cordova Courtyard, 1pm – 2pm; 3pm – 4pm

Bleeding Horse Express
2nd Fl, Patio, 1pm & 3pm

Michael O’Neill: Bagpipes & Taiko Drums
Cordova Courtyard, 2:30pm – 3pm; 4pm – 4:30pm

Warrior Boyz, NFB Documentary
South Asian Film Education Society
NBC Universal Canada Screening Room, 3pm


Work with
Visual Art Faculty Exhibition

Audain Gallery

Works in Progress
First Year visual arts students
Visual Arts Studio


The following performances will take place in rotation on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

A rotation of SFU Contemporary Arts videos and short films will be shown in the Djavad Mowafaghian Art Studio and the NBC Universal Canada Screening Room.

Dancers Dancing, Studio 4525
Five dance presentations in rotation, Studio D
SFU Contemporary Dance Alumni, Studio D

Madu Sari Gamelan, Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Studio
The Coat Cook Trio, Studio 4350
Voices of the Drum with Dancers, Studio 4750
Alumni of SFU Ghana Field School, Studio 4750
Fringe Percussion Group, Studio T

Sound-activated image organ, Bentley Multimedia Galleries/Rix Family Multimedia Commons
Green Screen Demonstrations, Sound Stage

Fever by Radix Theatre, Studio 4390

via SFU Woodward’s

*Please check their website for event schedule updates

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