Fat Cat In Pigeon Park’s Pawnshop


Marie and I went for walk today after lunching at the newly re-opened Save-On-Meats. Our general goal was to head towards the Strathcona community gardens to see if the roses had bloomed. Along the way we passed Hastings Secondhand Goods, a pawnshop at Pigeon Park on the corner of Hastings and Carrall Street.

Zoe: In all my life I’ve never been inside, you wanna go in?

Mare: Sure!


I’m no expert at pawnshops but it seemed like this store had an unusually diverse selection of goods: appliances, TVs, instruments, tools, work boots, dishes, paperback novels, stuffed animals, games (including a pink mah jong set), and much more.


We encountered a long-haired fat cat in the aisle of household goods.


He looked like a feral raccoon to me but he was friendly, and humoured us briefly.


Then suddenly, and much to our amusement, he turned, scratched the hell out of the shelves, and ran away.

I have been curious about the Hastings Secondhand Goods pawnshop for a long time.  It’s in an old building and from the entrance, the shop looks mysterious, like a cavernous attic packed with musty old things. I’m glad to have finally gone inside, and I recommend that you stop by soon too because you just never know, it might disappear one day, and you’ll be left with a curious itch forever.


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