Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden Fundraiser

I was invited to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden’s fundraiser last week. Here are some photos from the evening:

The lineup outside. Two horses in the distance.

People mingling inside.

Lanterns in the water and a studio for taking pictures in Ming dynasty costume.

This couple chose to pose as empress and peasant.

More props. I wonder if the rooster was used that night.

People browsing the silent auction items which included:

trusty fire extinguishers…

gift baskets…

and a stone Buddha (last bid listed $250).

A soccer game across the street in Andy Livingstone Park.

This is a collage of enlarged archival photos and newspaper clippings about the construction of Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden. Many articles date to 1986, the year Expo came to Vancouver. The garden is gearing up for a celebration and a historical project is currently underway.  I’m eager to learn more about this project!

A couple of news clippings that caught my eye.

The Chinese garden is a fascinating subject matter. Historically, starting from the Song dynasty, the garden becomes a site to demonstrate status and power.  It was a place to display one’s wealth through a constructed landscape; but more importantly, it was a physical space to enact activities appropriate to class, education and the trickiest of all — taste.  The Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden is not a private garden so it serves a different purpose.  And being built in Canada, the garden is a cultural symbol of the Chinese community and a space for all to meet.

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