Container Gardening Workshop at Old Faithful


Today I went to the Container Gardening 101 workshop at the Old Faithful Shop (320 W. Cordova Street).

I arrived a few minutes early and waited outside with the rest of the participants.


Each of us began with a handmade cedar box and two starter plants. Everybody got broccoli and one herb (rosemary, oregano or parsley).

There were about 20 registered for the workshop and it seemed that most people knew the shop gardener and each other.


Here is Lisa explaining how to plant and care for our new little ones. Apparently the broccoli will grow up to three feet and the rosemary might live forever. I’m crossing my fingers. We’ll see.


All done! I filled the box first with a layer of rocks, then soil and finally topped it off with some yummy compost. Next I dug two holes, put the planters in and patted some dirt around them. I hope I didn’t tuck them in too tight.


After I finished my gardening work, I looked around the store. You can get good quality twine and rustic birdhouses here.


A selection of journals suited for recording your gardening activities.


Little containers carved out of stumps. Perfect for holding keys and knickknacks.


Some terrarium plants just hanging around.


A pan of assorted cacti, one of which seems to have such an aura about it.


The store mascot sleeps in an old drawer.


One of the fellas tying planters to his moped.


I didn’t expect the planter to be so heavy. I had to rest a minute by the bicycle rack outside the Cambie.


Ah! Finally, my babies Brocco and Rosie are home!


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  1. hellaD September 22, 2011 at 8:22 am #

    Wow, great post, what lovely planters! Looks so nice in your apartment–what a view 🙂

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