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Woodward’s Tea Biscuits Recipe

Every once in awhile, someone will leave a comment on an old blog post, Retro Cooking: Woodward’s Recipes. Recently, a reader, Dorothy, inquired about a scone that had a baking soda taste. does anyone have a recipe that was for a dropped biscuit or scone that was sold in Edmonton’s downtown Woodwards? in the late […]

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Booty from the Library Book Sale

I went to the library book sale yesterday with M. and I went again today with J. Every season, the Vancouver Public Library downtown has book sales where they sell unmarked, used books ( I think these are donated books) and books withdrawn from the library collection. Unmarked books were sold in the hall of […]

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Retro Cooking: Woodward’s Recipes

My friend M. and I try to spend one afternoon a week in the library. We are nerds in the traditional sense. She does research in the archives and I browse for random books. One day I found a cookbook titled, Woodward’s No Time to Plan ME’N’U Book, by Ralph E. Russell and Wayne Baxter, […]

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