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Celebrating 125 Years of Fire and Rescue Services

Today Vancouver celebrated the 125th anniversary of the Great Fire of 1886 and the efforts of the city’s Fire and Rescue Services. There was a parade earlier this morning in Gastown and in the afternoon, vintage fire trucks lined the streets of Carrall and Water. Much to the delight of children and adults alike, there […]

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Canadian Geese Nesting on a Gastown Roof

There are always sweet surprises in Gastown. I was on the balcony today and saw two geese with their fuzzy goslings. The two parents are constantly on watch for circling seagulls. I saw a seagull land near the nest.  One goose spread its wings at it and the gull left. That’s all I have to […]

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Gift & Craft Fair Brightens Up Tinseltown

Last Sunday I went to the International Village Gifts & Crafts Fair (September 18-19, 2010) and below are my top six favourite stalls. The mall complex, incorrectly but more popularly known as Tinseltown, is located at 88 West Pender Street, just west of Chinatown and two blocks away from Woodward’s. Many people know Tinseltown’s troubled […]

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Two Suicides in Two Days

*********************** Preface: The first death was confirmed a suicide. The cause of the second death may have occurred under other tragic circumstances, but the facts remain unknown. Read this post as a reflection of my concern about the frequency of deaths in the DTES. Updated: September 20, 2010 *********************** Suicide is a grim, difficult subject. […]

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Yikes! Was that really a dead body on Alexander Street?

I was on Twitter this afternoon and read: ryangoldvine: RT @jcpoyser: Dead body outside my front door. Another day in Gastown. Eastside, yo. Ground level: The above Twitpic link showed: By the time I looked out the window, most of the police had already left. I saw these two cops and a white sheet […]

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Papered Up Store Fronts on Hastings Street

Across the street from the Woodwards building, on the 100 block of West Hastings Street, are two store fronts with papered up windows. At 130 West Hastings Street is Versus Training Centre. When I walked passed it today, I thought it was a gym but it’s not. Their website explicitly states that they are not […]

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