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On My Parents, Tea & Autumn Leaves

One of the best things about living at Woodward’s is that it’s easier for my parents to visit me. They know the location of Woodward’s well, as many people do, and they go to Chinatown regularly, so popping by is stress free and convenient. Lately, it seems the frequency of parental visits have increased to […]

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Two Suicides in Two Days

*********************** Preface: The first death was confirmed a suicide. The cause of the second death may have occurred under other tragic circumstances, but the facts remain unknown. Read this post as a reflection of my concern about the frequency of deaths in the DTES. Updated: September 20, 2010 *********************** Suicide is a grim, difficult subject. […]

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Retro Cooking: Woodward’s Recipes

My friend M. and I try to spend one afternoon a week in the library. We are nerds in the traditional sense. She does research in the archives and I browse for random books. One day I found a cookbook titled, Woodward’s No Time to Plan ME’N’U Book, by Ralph E. Russell and Wayne Baxter, […]

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