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Fat Cat In Pigeon Park’s Pawnshop

Marie and I went for walk today after lunching at the newly re-opened Save-On-Meats. Our general goal was to head towards the Strathcona community gardens to see if the roses had bloomed. Along the way we passed Hastings Secondhand Goods, a pawnshop at Pigeon Park on the corner of Hastings and Carrall Street. Zoe: In […]

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Poppies in Without Mountains or Water: Vancouver’s Opium Roots Remembered Through Landscape

  I was invited by Rebecca Donald to write an essay on her new installation, Without Mountains or Water. It is currently on exhibition at Gallery FUKAI located at 602 E. Hastings Street. It opened April 1, 2011 and walk-in viewings are on Mondays and Wednesdays from April 4-30, 12–4 pm.   Poppies in Without […]

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Gift & Craft Fair Brightens Up Tinseltown

Last Sunday I went to the International Village Gifts & Crafts Fair (September 18-19, 2010) and below are my top six favourite stalls. The mall complex, incorrectly but more popularly known as Tinseltown, is located at 88 West Pender Street, just west of Chinatown and two blocks away from Woodward’s. Many people know Tinseltown’s troubled […]

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Two Suicides in Two Days

*********************** Preface: The first death was confirmed a suicide. The cause of the second death may have occurred under other tragic circumstances, but the facts remain unknown. Read this post as a reflection of my concern about the frequency of deaths in the DTES. Updated: September 20, 2010 *********************** Suicide is a grim, difficult subject. […]

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Five Cops on Carrall & Hastings

11:55am. Five cops & two police cars at the corner of Carrall & Hastings. Just earlier reports of police with shotguns storm the upstairs of 7 E. Hastings (from Megaphone Mag on Twitter) I’m passing this en route to a meeting.

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Papered Up Store Fronts on Hastings Street

Across the street from the Woodwards building, on the 100 block of West Hastings Street, are two store fronts with papered up windows. At 130 West Hastings Street is Versus Training Centre. When I walked passed it today, I thought it was a gym but it’s not. Their website explicitly states that they are not […]

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An Evening Stroll Through Victory Square

On my way home from the the downtown Vancouver public library, I usually walk along Hamilton Street and then take the shortcut through Victory Square at 200 West Hastings Street. People are divided in their opinion about Victory Square. Some see it as a dangerous place, filled with “shifty” drug addicts and unsafe and for […]

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