Booty from the Library Book Sale

I went to the library book sale yesterday with M. and I went again today with J. Every season, the Vancouver Public Library downtown has book sales where they sell unmarked, used books ( I think these are donated books) and books withdrawn from the library collection. Unmarked books were sold in the hall of the lower level and ranged from $1 – $10 (see above photo). Old library books were sold in a room and ranged from $0.55 – $2.25.

Yesterday (Friday), when I went with M., I only had time to browse through the cookbooks (we were there to watch Operation Babylift, a documentary being screened at the library). When I picked out my books, I looked for M. to help cull my pile. I found her at the cashier table. The library staff said I could sort my books on their table; after some chatting, one staff member recommended two more books (the coiled bound books by Time Life). He said that everything he’s ever cooked from those books was good. How can one say no to books recommended by library staff? It was a clever upsell job. I ended up buying those two books; and, the next day I found four more from that series and bought them.

Photo of the room full of used library books. It is a bit overwhelming at first but I just work through my system: 1. Cookbooks 2. Crafting 3. Literature 4. Paperbacks.

The Woodward’s cookbook. Can you believe I found this! Eeep! In mint condition! I’ve previously blogged about this very book and now I own a copy! I will be trying some recipes and sharing them with you in the future. Some recipes might be outdated in that they may call for excessive amounts of lard, but I’ll stay true to the instructions. Some things ought to be honoured.

This book, Chow by Janice Wong (a prominent visual artist), is my number two gem. It features Chinese-Canadian stories and family recipes.

Middle Eastern & Chinese Cooking. Something familiar and something new.

Two books on beans. For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to cook with beans. Beans are healthy and versatile. How can it be that I have never cooked bean dishes? This must change.

400 meat recipes. Truly, this is an unappetizing cover; and yet, I was immediately drawn to the dated photograph. It suggests a by gone time of unhealthy but satisfying portions. I picked the meat book up to counter the two bean books. I figure a person (and a diet) should be well rounded.

Time Life cookbooks on American cuisine: The Eastern Heartland; Southern Style; The Great West; and, New England. This is the series recommended by the library guy. I have two more (Carribean and South East Asia) but I’m interested in these four right now. What defines “American” cooking? I have preconceived notions that traditional American cooking boils down to four elements: cream, potatoes, hunks of meat and gravy. It will be good for me to educate myself on this subject.

Crafting book to kickstart my Etsy career. For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is an online marketplace for people to sell their handmade arts and crafts. I want to list crafting among my hobbies, but that would be a lie. I bought this book because it has instructions on how to make padded oven mitts. For a moment while holding this book, I imagined setting up an Etsy store to sell colourful oven mitts. A book that triggers thoughts of the possibilities is priceless, don’t you agree?

A “Ribbon Purse”. This is another marvelous item from the crafting book. Honestly, I believe there is a market for this sort of thing. The woven pattern could work so beautifully. I concede, the purse in the photo looks horribly juvenile, but this is only because of their poor colour choice. Imagine this made with leather strips in autumn colours. Ribbon purses could be big.

Wait. I’m having a moment. Make them larger — iPad case. Need I say more?

Aluminum foil arts. I didn’t buy this book. I admit, I did carry it around while I browsed but discarded it in the end. Aluminum foil crafts are not useful nor aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps the tinfoil helmet could protect one’s brain from alien waves (for the people who believe & fret about that) but where would you store such a large round object? There is no storage in a condo.

I did not include all the books I bought in this post. This selection was to give you an idea of the treasures you can find at the library book sale. The sale is on until October 24th so go this weekend or look for the next one.

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